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About Pinched Nerves

When a nerve is compressed by nearby tissue or bone, it can create extreme pain. This condition is known as a pinched nerve and is caused by an injury or a medical issue, such as a herniated disc, rheumatoid arthritis, weight gain, or stress. If you experience symptoms, such as numbness, paresthesia (pins and needles sensation), or muscle weakness, this may indicate you have a pinched nerve. With years of experience, our pain management doctors at Tricity Pain Associates in Corpus Christi, TX have helped their community find relief from pinched nerves. We love helping our patients live a better quality of life by offering innovative treatments that can control symptoms long-term. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment with our expert pain management physician.

Pinched Nerve Treatment

We offer many treatment options that help alleviate the painful symptoms caused by a pinched nerve. At first, we start with more conservative approaches, like physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medicine, but for more severe cases, we may suggest surgery. During the first part of your treatment, we recommend avoiding certain intense activities or exercises that might aggravate the affected area. Based on the location of your pain, our pain management physicians may give you a sling or brace to give the area a chance to heal. While creating your tailored treatment plan, we review your lifestyle, personal preferences, health, and symptoms to suggest recommendations that best meet your needs. Our compassionate doctors look forward to helping you feel better so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Please call Tricity Pain Associates in Corpus Christi, TX if you experience chronic pain from a pinched nerve. Schedule an appointment to learn about how we treat pinched nerve symptoms.

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