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About Headaches and Migraines

If you suffer from debilitating headaches or migraines, Tricity Pain Associates in Corpus Christi, TX offers excellent pain management care to help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with these conditions. Brought on for numerous reasons, headaches and migraines may happen because of stress, teeth grinding, allergies, flu, or infection. Based on the cause of your headache or migraine, pain management physicians generally classify headaches into two categories: primary and secondary. If you experience pain caused by chronic headaches or migraines, you may also suffer from common symptoms, such as dizziness, sinus pressure near the eyes, nausea, and photosensitivity. Additionally, these symptoms can come on suddenly and last for multiple days. Don’t let chronic pain caused by headaches or migraines hinder your ability to enjoy life. At Tricity Pain Associates Corpus Christi, we look forward to assisting you with your needs and helping you experience relief from uncomfortable headache symptoms.

Headaches/Migraines Treatment

Generally, headaches and migraines tend to dissipate on their own with at-home treatments, like ibuprofen and Tylenol, extra sleep, and cold ice packs. However, for patients who suffer from chronic and severe migraines that hinder their ability to perform everyday tasks, then professional medical care might be required. To help reduce your symptoms and provide long-term results, Tricity Pain Associates pain management physicians offer a variety of treatment options, including prescribed medicine or even BOTOX. Made from a clean strain of OnabotulinumtoxinA, BOTOX prevents the underlying facial muscles from staying contracted and may offer relief from headaches brought on by stress. Visit our state-of-the-art office to learn how we can help you reduce the painful symptoms caused by headaches and migraines.

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