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About Lysis of Adhesions

With most surgeries, patients run the risk of developing scar tissue. Lysis of adhesions is a treatment that cuts through thick layers of scar tissue or adhesions. At Tricity Pain Associates in Corpus Christi, TX, our skilled team of pain management physicians has helped many men and women overcome pain created by dense scar tissue, especially for epidural adhesions. Epidural adhesions happen near the epidural region of the spine, which may cause painful back and leg symptoms. Lysis of adhesions is a minimally invasive procedure and is a good option for patients who have tried more conservation treatments but still experience discomfort. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Corpus Christi location and learn more about how lysis of adhesions can help you. Our team is committed to helping you feel more comfortable and providing relief from painful symptoms.

Lysis of Adhesions Treatment

Generally, patients who pursue lysis of adhesions have it because of previous back surgery or they experienced a slipped disc due to the accumulation of thick scar tissue. Before undergoing treatment, our team may use an MRI or x-rays to perform a comprehensive exam that confirms the excessive scar tissue. Next, we numb the area using a local anesthetic and use a sedative to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Once you are completely numb, we use an x-ray machine to help us place a catheter within the scar tissue. The inserted catheter will start to break up the scar tissue, followed by administering a mix of anti-inflammatory medicine and saline. Before you leave and to ensure we removed all of the adhesions, we may perform a second x-ray.

Please contact Tricity Pain Associates in Corpus Christi, TX to learn more about lysis of adhesions and how it can reduce the discomfort caused by excessive scar tissue.

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